Grow your business and your team

We are ex-Google, ex-Amazon PR & Comms consultants, Public Speaker coaches & Business Growth experts.

Tom Macken – Public Speaking, PR & Executive Coaching


Our Experience & Focus

Public Relations

Transform your Brand’s Visibility & Reach New Audiences in New Markets with your Product or Service. We position your Firm as Experts in your industry & Amplify Your Message.

Speaker Coaching

Develop the Confidence & Stage Presence using trusted methods to Speak like a Professional in front of colleagues and friends. We focus on your Voice, Structure & Nerves.

Business Coaching

Our coaches train & mentor firms on Business Challenges and Goals. This can also include building business Strategies, Planning & Leadership skills, clarifying your vision & offering recommendations.

Executive Coaching

1:1 development of professional & personal skills of Senior Leaders including Building Strategies, Performance, Leadership, Communications & Balancing Responsibilities.

Marketing Training

Educating and training teams on when to use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media & more. We cover setup, techniques and tools to promote your products & services successfully.

Team Coaching

We work with company managers to train their teams on topics including Presentation skills, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Working in Teams & Problem Solving.

Communicate like a Pro

Kat Hicker PR Consultant & Communications Coach


Rina Bardic

Our coaching was exceptional and the results massively helped us in preparing our business opportunity. The different techniques used were especially useful and I would highly recommend the team.

– Rina Bardic, Director @PwC

Leena Vesterinen

The training was professionally setup, highly personalized, and effective. I got solid advice and experience to present and feel so much more confident and empowered after this excellent session.

– Leena Vesterinen, Founder @Asette