Terms of Service

Updated: Nov 13th, 2023


Visitors to TheCoachHQ.com, who will be referred to as “Users” from this point forward, are required to unreservedly accept the respective conditions and terms of use (also referred to as “T&Cs” from this point forward) in order to make use of the website that will be referred to from this point forward as “the Site.” The User confirms that these Terms and Conditions have been read and that they have accepted them prior to using any of the functionalities of our website.

TheCoachHQ.com Site (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) is operated by Multy Consulting – FZCO , a joint-stock company, registered with Dubai Silicon Oasis, with a registered office at Technohub (THUB), DSO-THUB-G-D-FLEX-G016, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE (Hereinafter referred to as “the Company ”).

The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to ones access and utilization of all TheCoachHQ services and offerings that are made accessible through our websites, such as but not constrained to www.TheCoachHQ.com. These Terms of Service, along with TheCoachHQ’s Privacy Policy, set forth for the terms and conditions (“Terms”) that pertain to your connectivity and utilization of all TheCoachHQ services and products that are made accessible through our websites.

The services provided by TheCoachHQ are intended for, but not limited to, providing users with coaching services as well as guidance and advice that can help prospective clients enhance their professional lives, personal lives and businesses.

If you use the TheCoachHQ Services or access them in any way, you are indicating that you accept these Terms, which may be modified at any moment in compliance with the things listed below. Because TheCoachHQ offers a broad variety of services, we may require you to examine and agree to supplemental terms that relate to your contact with a particular product or service. These terms will be relevant to your situation and will be tailored to your needs. According to these Terms, any disagreements that may arise between you and TheCoachHQ must be addressed via legally binding arbitration, and you hereby forgo your right to take part in any kind of class action lawsuit.

Chapter 1 – Terms and Definitions

The following explanation applies to each of the terminology that may be found on our website:

  • The term “intellectual property rights” relates to all intellectual property rights and associated rights (copyrights, trademarks and patents, patent rights, company names, databases, and so on) that are protected by law. “Intellectual property rights”
  • The term “Content” refers to all of the components that make up the information that is available on our Site (texts, photos, videos, algorithms, software, plugins, etc.) and that make its functioning, the display of our services, and the information about the User possible.
  • The term “intellectual property rights” applies to all intellectual property rights and associated rights (infringement, trademarks and patents, patent rights, trade names, datasets, and so on) that are protected by law. “Intellectual property rights”
  • The collective set of functionalities that are made accessible to our customers via the usage of our website is referred to as “features.”
  • The website TheCoachHQ.com, as well as any other website that is made accessible to the User, is referred to as the “Site.”
  • Any person who makes use of our website and has access to the material that it contains is referred to as a “User.”

Section 2 – Protection of personally identifiable information

In order for users to make use of our website, we will be required to process some personally identifying information about them. This process is executed in accordance with the rules governing the processing of data as well as the Privacy Policy, which may be seen via the appropriate link on our website.

Section 3 – Accessing the site

The Site’s access and the usage of its features are restricted only for users’ own personal use. The User undertakes not to use this Site or any of the information or data included within it for any commercial, political, or advertising objectives, as well as for any other type of commercial solicitation, in particular the distribution of unsolicited e-mails.

TheCoachHQ cannot be made accountable for the possibility that children may visit the Site. Additionally, TheCoachHQ cannot be held liable for the possibility that users of the Site would contribute information that is inaccurate or deceptive.

Section 4 – Info on the Service and Products Offered

TheCoachHQ.com is a website that serves as a hub of information and a guide for people who are looking for coaching help and support, as well as for professionals and businesses that provide a variety of service offerings in the following fields of endeavor: coaching, business, sales, business development, communications as well as related areas.

We make every effort to offer information that is correct to the best of our abilities on the site and related posts, however we cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions, or failures in the updating of information. All of the material that is shown on our website is only informative and does not claim to be complete; moreover, it is presented with the understanding that it may have been updated after it was first published online.

The User is further advised that the images shown on the Site do not constitute legally binding contracts and do not obligate TheCoachHQ in any way.

Section 5 – Intellectual Property (IP)

1. Our Site

Any and all trademarks, photos, text messages, comment threads, drawings, animated or still pictures, video sequences, sounds, as well as any and all enterprise software that could be used to operate this site, and more generally any and all components reproduced or used on the Site are protected by the legislation that are currently in effect regarding intellectual property.

They belong to TheCoachHQ or one of its other business partners in their whole and completely in every way. It is absolutely forbidden to reproduce, represent, use, or adapt all or part of these components in any form, including computer programs, without the prior written approval of the publisher. This includes any and all forms of reproduction, representation, use, or modification. The fact that the publisher does not commence actions after becoming aware of these unlawful uses does not entail approval of the uses in question or a renunciation of the right to prosecute those responsible for the unauthorized use.

The following actions by the user are expressly prohibited:

  • All or part of the material and/or the Site may be copied, reproduced, represented, distributed, distributed, and published, either permanently or temporarily, by any means and on any media that is now known or that may become known in the future.
  • Make your own unique works based on the provided content and/or the site.
  • Change, localize, modify, and/or rearrange the whole or a portion of the Content and/or the Site.
  • Explore the Site via disassembly, decompilation, and reverse engineering.

In any event, the User is the only one who can be held accountable for the way in which he uses the website. Any illegal use of the website or any of the materials that it includes will be regarded to be infringing against intellectual property rights and will result in legal action being taken in line with the requirements of the Intellectual Property Code.

2. Our brand

TheCoachHQ has taken measures to ensure the safety of both its verbal and visual trademarks (logos). Their use without the expressed written permission of TheCoachHQ or its partners on any form of media or otherwise, for the intent of promoting products or services, or for commercial gain, is prohibited and may result in criminal and/or civil proceedings being brought by TheCoachHQ against the user and/or held to account third parties. This prohibition applies whether the use is for the purpose of promoting products or services or for commercial purposes.

3. Freely available material

On the Site, the Content may be accessed without charge. The act of uploading this material to the Site does not in any way result in a transfer of ownership or copyright rights to the content, which continues to be the exclusive and exclusive IP of TheCoachHQ and the contributors.

No user is allowed to or should do any actions that are inconsistent with the protection of intellectual property and copyright, as well as those that violate any international laws that pertain to property rights. intellectual. TheCoachHQ and its contributors have the right to bring legal action against any user who violates these terms and conditions in any way.

Section 6 — Site management

Users are often able to visit our Site whenever they want to. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the website, the publisher may, at any time and without prior notice, reserve the right to:

  • Suspend, interrupt, or restrict access to the whole or a portion of the site, for just any reason or no reason at all, with or without prior warning, and at its sole discretion.
  • Remove any information that might potentially impede its functioning, for any and all reasons, with or without prior warning, and at its sole discretion.
  • Put the site on hold while you make the necessary changes.

TheCoachHQ will do all in its power to ensure that users are informed before to the dates and times of the intervention; nevertheless, the company’s obligation cannot be held accountable in the case that users are not informed in advance.

Section 7 – Responsibilities

1. The ability to access the site

TheCoachHQ is committed to doing all in its power to make sure that its website is available at all times, day and night, seven days a week. On the other hand, we do not ensure that the website is free of errors and do not make any promises about the site’s accessibility or its capacity to remain up at all times. In the event that the website has a failure, breakdown, problem, or stoppage of operation that prevents access to the website or to one of its capabilities, the publication cannot be held liable for the consequences of such an incident.

In the event of a failure of the Network connection, telephone lines, or computer and telephony equipment connected in particular to network congestion that prevents access to the server, TheCoachHQ and the hosting service cannot be held liable.

The publisher is exempt from liability in the event that legal action is taken against users for the following reasons:

  • As a consequence of using the website or any other service that is accessible over the internet
  • As a result of the user’s failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions

2. Utilized Material

The User has full responsibility for the site connecting hardware that he makes use of on their own sites. The User is responsible for taking all necessary precautions to safeguard both his hardware and his personal data. The User acknowledges that they will only visit the site using up-to-date, virus-free technology and browsers that have had their most current updates installed.

TheCoachHQ is not liable for any harm that may be caused to Users, third parties, or their equipment as a consequence of the Users’ connection to the site or their use of the site, and Users renounce any action for this fact that may be taken against the publisher.

Because of this, the publisher cannot be held accountable for any consequential losses that may come from using the website, including, for instance, a loss of market or a missed opportunity.

Section 8- Hyperlinks details

Users are permitted to create hypertext connections to any portion or all of the site without incurring any kind of penalty.

TheCoachHQ, however, retains the right to demand the removal of any hypertext link it finds on any third-party site for any reason, including but not limited to if the third-party site’s content is in violation of these terms.

The publisher has given their approval for the use of a specific number of hypertext links on the website that direct users to other websites. TheCoachHQ, on the other hand, does not possess the capability of validating the contents of the websites that are thus accessed and, as a result, does not accept any responsibility for this matter.

Section 9 – How to Get in Touch with Us

The user may send an email to the following address for any inquiry, information about the services given on the Site, or about the site itself. The address is contactus@TheCoachHQ.com. Alternatively, the user can use the contact form that is made accessible on the Site.